Would You Like To Identify And Address the Root Cause of Your Disease?

If So... Then You Need To Hear About Functional Medicine!

Functional Medicine is an innovative approach to health care that is provided by doctors along with other health professionals that don't agree with the western symptom-based "Pharmaceutical" approach to treatment... and believe there is a better way.

This is not even a controversial concept in most of the world. Unfortunately, in the United States most of the cutting edge research studies, doctor education and health care options are being funded by the deep pockets of the Pharmaceutical companies and they want to sell you their drugs.

Just think about the last time you watched TV without seeing at least 1 drug advertisement during every commercial break. Most of the time it did not even explain how it helps the condition, then they presented the long list of the known side effects.

Watch this interview with Marcus Freudenmann about the "Truly Heal" project. Simple, yet scientific, explanations of natural alternatives for treatment of disease.

But because they have the resources to develop and utilize every known psychological tactic for convincing you that this is your best option, most people do not realize that there could be a better way.

Now the Internet is helping to level the playing field, allowing you to educate and empower yourself with cutting edge health research and information that used to be controlled directly by whoever had the largest advertising budget.

You are now able to learn about alternative health care options (like you are right now) that can actually address the source of your health problem and help your body to heal itself, instead of just temporarily covering up the symptoms with drugs.

The goal of Better Health Choices is to help everyone improve their lives through educated, intentional and positive actions.

Below you will find a few useful organizations. These resources will be expanding as complementary treatments are discovered that need to be shared with everyone.

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What is "Osteogenic Loading"?

Functional Health Team

Functional Health Practitioners (FHP's) provide a whole body, “health detective” style approach to their health care services starting with DNA and gut bacteria analysis (which is crucial). They also believe in genuine doctor-patient support and being there for people when they need it ... any day they need it.

They realize that by making small, important changes you can create a firm foundation for your future and take an active role in designing your life.

Truly Heal with PEMF

PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic frequency) is a groundbreaking technology that is transforming the treatment of many conditions... including cancer.

For example, our bodies use magnetic fields to generate cellular energy and healthy cells are elastic and benefit from electromagnetic charge energizing them.

Cancer cells in comparison are brittle and are destroyed by the sudden increase in negative ion charge generated by PEMF. Energizing healthy cells... destroying cancer cells... No negative side effects? Potentially effective treatment?


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